**UPDATED** INEOS v THE PEOPLE High Court result to be announced Thursday

LIVERPOOL University student and anti-fracking campaigner Joseph Boyd – who is challenging the landmark High Court injunction granted in favour of fracking company INEOS – will find out tomorrow (Thursday 24 November) morning if he has been successful in his bid to overturn the original July judgement.

“We will hear tomorrow the verdict in the challenge to INEOS’s interim injunction severely restricting anti-fracking protests,” said Boyd this evening (Wednesday).

Earlier this week, speaking on his Twitter feed, Boyd had said he was “hoping and praying that justice prevails” and that he was “getting more nervous by the days”.

wideopenroads contacted Boyd for a comment on Monday evening (20 November), but the 44-year-old said he could not say anything further until he has consulted fully with his legal team. He will make a full statement after the hearing.

The injunction, originally granted behind closed doors in July this year, is extraordinary in that it prevents unidentifed “persons unknown” from engaging in any form of direct action aimed at INEOS facilities, staff, vehicles or those of its suppliers. Anti-fracking protestors, and other human rights activists, believe the injunction, if confirmed, could effectively put to an end even mild forms of direct action – including “slow walking” in front of trucks and “lock-ons” to fences, both of which are specifically mentioned as being in breach of the injunction by INEOS, and both of which have been particularly effective tactics in disrupting the shale gas explorer’s activities.

The implication of “persons unknown” is that it includes – in advance of doing anything wrong – the entire population, who will become in automatic contempt of court if they engage in direct action. Offenders risk a fine of £5,000 and/or imprisonment.

It is feared that if INEOS succeeds in the High Court on Thursday morning, other fracking companies will look to follow suit. Check back on this site for updates as we get them.



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