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Crime commissioner says INEOS injunctions ‘erode’ civil liberties

THE Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for North Wales (pictured above) endorses the view that the current INEOS injunctions against the anti-fracking movement represent a threat to civil liberties. Earlier this morning (28 November) Arfon Jones, who was elected in 2016 to represent the North Wales Police area, retweeted our report ‘The INEOS injunctions: Undermining the right to protest’ (26 November) with the words: “Please read if you’re interested in the erosion of our civil rights by the state”. Crime commissioner challenge wideopenroads now challenges the 41 other PCCs to read our article and endorse it similarly. We will report…

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The INEOS injunctions: Undermining the right to protest

MAKE no mistake, last week’s High Court ruling confirming the majority of temporary injunctions that have been in place to ‘protect’ shale gas explorer INEOS’s assets, staff and supply chain since July, is a setback for the anti-fracking protestors. But whichever side of the fence one stands on (and be careful not to chain yourself to it unless you fancy six months in prison and a hefty £5,000 fine), the case raises serious questions, going forward, about the ability of public protest movements to be effective in any kind of meaningful way. And remember, as owner of PEDL 294, INEOS…

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